Jim's Life

A teenage boy on trial can see and heal the human light fields, drawing comparisons to a messiah while the world argues over his case. Sequel toThe Little Universe.

Australia 2150 AD

Jim experiences a soul transfer with the body of a 15 year old boy who died in an accident while running from a crime. Jim is revived in the hospital with amnesia and brain damage that affects his pineal gland and vision processing. Too much dimethyltriptamine (DMT) is produced, a naturally occurring neurochemical that causes dreams and spiritual hallucinations. His vision is permanently altered so that he can see the chakras and auras of people as well as his own luminosities. In time he learns to work with these light fields and becomes a miracle healer, drawing comparisons to a messiah. All the while he's on trial for a crime he didn't commit.

As his case becomes a source of global interest, two things become clear: a brutal rape occurred and he can now heal others by touch. As the environment reaches a frenzy, everyone wants a part of Jim. Nurses want to sleep with him, endorsements come from every angle, skeptics come to debunk him, patients need his healing touch, and still others want to train him to use his gifts and become the teacher that he was destined to be.

A story of religion and spirituality, the courts of justice and the power of love. Subjects include past life recall, psychic connections, world religions, healing by touch, sacred geometry and more.



new age books, Jim's Life by Jason Matthews"The combination of finding truth behind Christ's teaching and "new age" spiritual components like chakras, past lives and meditation makes for a very interesting, easy to read novel."

-Karen Robertson, author of Teasure Kai

"I am most impressed with the philosophical and theological understandings. The issues raised provide a stimulus for all kinds of discussions." -Dr. Sterling Hennis, professor of English, UNC-Chapel Hill

"This isn't just a novel; it opens your mind to amazing possibilities while merging religious beliefs into one universal message. Bravo! I already miss the characters and still want more." -Morgan Shamy, author of Shadow Watchers

"Matthews is an extraordinary story teller. This is so compelling, unfolds so well and builds to an amazing climax. I'm in awe at the creativity, heart and soul." -Kaye Shackford, author of Charting A Wiser Course

"I read every single page within a one weekend sitting. I cannot wait to see what other books this author comes up with." -Jaimie Field, reader

"Set aside your busy-ness because you won't want to put this one down. I'd describe it as enlightenment-meets-materialism with humor and an open heart." -Lauren Reinkins, reader

"Jim's Life is a phenomenal experience. And by that I don't mean a wonderful reading experience, which it is, but an EXPERIENCE to behold. If you're a Seeker and not afraid of a Higher Truth, then I suggest that you read Jim's Life. If you EXPERIENCED Richard Bach's, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and especially, Illusions, then you'll know what I'm talking about, and this book is for you."

-Nabrum, from his Amazon review